Happy Holidays!

festive rubber stamp-a-thon

The film is kicking ass, but it’s also kicking MY ass. Taking a break until the 2nd of January. See you then! continue

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A Benefit to Working Long Hours

and a lovely silhouette of the tape tree.


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This is What 2,120 Sweatbands look like.

we're running out of room over here...


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Patches are done!

BSV patches getting cut by hand

Creating assets for a film focusing on community and DIY attitude demands sticking to local printers sharing the same spirit. We’re working with Jeff at The Loin, and he did a super sharp job silkscreening the BSV patches. I’m cutting down all 2000 of them by hand in order to keep costs down. It has […] continue

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Robots! Fire!

kal has a different - more motivated - kind of space heater.

One of Kal‘s crazy mechanical spawn. continue

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iPhone Media Query

screen shot of jotastula.com mobile version

www.jotastula.com has been one of my favorite sites to build, and it’s been a slow build for sure. I started collaborating with the client in 2007 when I was still developing in Flash, and we came up with a whimsical site where buttons swim away and it left options open to add in more sections […] continue

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It Begins…

Box full of BSV

The last couple of months about 25% of Aponeurotica studio time has been devoted to a multi-faceted long term project. This is a sneak peek at the first of many related items beginning to trickle in. More information to be divulged as more boxes arrive filled with printed goodies! continue

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PoloMania in Sacto

joey on breakaway

Our team celebrated a perfect losing streak and decided to rename itself Team “It Gets Better”. continue

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background noise

Memorial Day Vacation

The blog is quiet but it’s BUSY here. Somehow a 12 day vacation took place which felt extremely decadent but necessary. Now back in the thick of things, the desk is covered with such projects as bottle silkscreen designs, sites for iPhones, sweatband embroidery, kayak photo shoots, packaging for a soon-to-be-announced documentary, illustrations of kids […] continue

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162 steps plus some

Sun & moon tiled in to the very top of the stairway

Tom visited me in Los Angeles a few years ago, and I nearly lost him after convincing him it would be a good idea to bike 14 miles across the city at 2am. For some reason he still trusts me and came to visit for the weekend. This time we took a walking approach to […] continue

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