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New Headquarters

office carnage

After a few false starts, Aponeurotica Design finally has a new office to call home. Or, more accurately, it’s a new place to call “work”. My commute is finally longer than 5 feet and takes me to a warehouse in the Bayview which was originally a mattress factory back in 1904. I am separated by […] continue

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Fluid Layouts


Every WordPress template has its hidden challenges and it’s usually the challenges that make them enjoyable and worthwhile. Paradoxically, the better you meet the challenges the more invisible they are to the web users. When I put a sketch together for ActorCast, I even tricked myself into thinking I had created a clean layout for […] continue

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Karma Travel Thematic Child Theme

Karma Travel Wordpress Site

I created a Flash-based site for Karma Travel a couple years ago, and they re-hired me to design a WordPress template so that they could blog about their services as well. I’ve been busy working on a lot of child themes lately, but I particularly enjoyed this one because of its quirky challenges and ease […] continue

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letterpress & vic chestnutt

letterpress continue

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Boduf Songs

Boduf Songs 2011 European TourI very rarely to pretty much never do thumbnails or comps when creating an illustration. I have no idea why I have this terrible habit, especially since 4 years of art school pretty much beats into everybody the importance of doing thumbnails and comps no matter what you’re working on. I was obviously not beaten hard enough. continue

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Logo Design

Gina's Creative Healing Center LogoA few logo designs have come through and the one displayed here is the one I was happiest with. It was one of those rare experiences where everything flowed easily from the beginning, from concept to design to color. More importantly, the client loves it and now we have begun our little “branding party”.  continue

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Continuing what will most likely be a short-lived theme of mythical animals, I present the “rabduckbit”. After having done research on this common optical illusion, I’m convinced that just about every illustrator out there likes to take a crack at their own version of this one. As always, I’m grateful for the continuing flood of odd but wonderful requests from my clients. continue

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cthulhu cthocolate cthake

featuring glow in the dark eyes and chocolatey goodnessCreated to further infuriate Erik. continue

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m & ems


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working on the “kink”

richard's 'cyclopediaSigns that a project is going to be really fun:
Needing to pull out inky pens, vellum, anatomy books, and breaking open one of my beloved and completely politically incorrect “Richard’s ‘Cyclopedia”s. continue

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