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urban foraging, love affairs with buildings, openly weeping in public.

Robots! Fire!

kal has a different - more motivated - kind of space heater.

One of Kal‘s crazy mechanical spawn. continue

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162 steps plus some

Sun & moon tiled in to the very top of the stairway

Tom visited me in Los Angeles a few years ago, and I nearly lost him after convincing him it would be a good idea to bike 14 miles across the city at 2am. For some reason he still trusts me and came to visit for the weekend. This time we took a walking approach to […] continue

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san francisco winter

t-shirts, dogs & tennis balls at ft. funstonsummer is abysmal. so it all evens out. continue

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when book stores have to compete for attention

live, nude books continue

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night shots

photo taken by petelucky find on san jose continue

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mini-dirigibleThe LAB featured an art:tech show for a month, and I would have missed it if Cristian hadn’t pointed it out. The cleverest bit were 3 balloons manned by houseflies – wait, does that make it “fly”ed by houseflied? Flied? Flown?… They controlled the rotation of the propellors by triggering sensors connected to LEDs inside of the little domes suspended underneath.  continue

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bicycle music festival

look them up if you want to do some local pedal power of your ownMusic festival in the middle of a field with no electrical outlet in sight? No problem. Just attach half a dozen cyclists to a bike powered generator and the rock won’t stop. Totally brilliant, totally fun day that included fender-blendered smoothies and endless bike porn. continue

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Ft. Funston

You are welcome! Your poop is not! continue

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for your dirty flamingo

who else would you trust with your dirty flamingo? continue

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Bike to Work Day

when taking this photo a businessman rushed past looking skywards muttering "god damn crazy city..."My morning commute only goes as far as taking the dogs out for a morning walk, making coffee, and then sitting at a desk that is barely 4 feet away from my bed. Biking to work would frankly be dangerous if I tried it along my current route. continue

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