Gallery-focused Custom WordPress Theme

Julia Turner Website screenshotIt’s hard to believe that we started working on this a year ago. Julia and I have been enthusiastic about launching her website and have continued chipping away at it whenever we can. We finally did a soft launch a few weeks ago in time for the holidays, and are smoothing out the rough edges and responding to feedback as necessary.

Julia is an incredible artist and keen on being involved with every aspect of her business. In order to have the freedom to update her ever-growing jewelry galleries and promote her shows and new product lines, WordPress seemed like the obvious web solution.*

Julia’s work is so strong that my challenge was to build a framework that could feature her pieces without competing with them. We created a minimal theme that shows off the color, detail and texture of her pieces, and customized a gallery plugin for clean, easy browsing for the viewer. Next we’re building a custom post type to make it even simpler for Julia to update it all, but hopefully that step will take much less than 12 months.

*If you know me, you’ll probably hear me declare that WordPress is the solution to just about everything except leaky burritos, but in this case it really was a practical decision.

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