iPhone Media Query

screen shot of jotastula.comscreen shot of jotastula.com mobile version

www.jotastula.com has been one of my favorite sites to build, and it’s been a slow build for sure. I started collaborating with the client in 2007 when I was still developing in Flash, and we came up with a whimsical site where buttons swim away and it left options open to add in more sections as time went on and her needs changed.

I no longer create Flash sites, and nearly all of my past Flash clients have since gone through HTML/PHP rebuilds. www.jotastula.com is an active site that gets frequent updates and plenty of traffic and by all means is a candidate for a rebuild, but neither the client nor I have the heart to take it apart. In fact, we made recent plans to add more whimsical buttons to accommodate some eCommerce opportunites.

So instead, we’re problem solving as issues come up like the incompatibility of Flash with iPhone and iPad. This prompted me to finally get serious about playing with Media Queries and style sheeting for Mobile Safari and other handheld browsers. It was a much gentler transition than I ever imagined, and it has bought us a little more time — hopefully years — before we are forced to dismantle our little aquatic world of navigation buttons that wave their claws over their heads.

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