New Headquarters

office carnageAfter a few false starts, Aponeurotica Design finally has a new office to call home. Or, more accurately, it’s a new place to call “work”. My commute is finally longer than 5 feet and takes me to a warehouse in the Bayview which was originally a mattress factory back in 1904. I am separated by French doors from the rest of the studio occupied by a painter and a sculptor, and am overlooking train tracks and hillsides peppered with houses.

For those of you who visited my last studio space, I assure you this one is not only warmer (how could it not be?) but this one also allows such fantastical activities as lifting your arms up away from your sides without crashing into anything.

The boxes are nearly unpacked and the French press is rocking, so if you’re in the neighborhood come say ahoy hoy:
1777 Yosemite Avenue
Suite 230
San Francisco, CA 94124

Updated 11 Oct:
A sad departure from Yosemite, as that warehouse was spectacular and full of artists whom I love and already miss. Aponeurotica has now relocated in a much more permanent way to the East Bay, and is enjoying sunshine & walnuts.

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