Karma Travel Thematic Child Theme

Karma Travel WordPress Site Karma Travel Flash Site

I created a Flash-based site for Karma Travel a couple years ago, and they re-hired me to design a WordPress template so that they could blog about their services as well. I’ve been busy working on a lot of child themes lately, but I particularly enjoyed this one because of its quirky challenges and ease with which it came together.

When I get hired to create a WP templates, I do the wireframing, design and coding, so you would think I’d be a little more savvy about proposing designs without major php challenges. Some evil part of me always manages to create designs that are just a little beyond my coding skills, so every template offers its own learning curve and share of profanities.

Some items that are now a solid part of my toolbox: sticky footers, oddly shaped content framing, playing with WP3’s featured image functionality, and finally taking advantage of author blurbs.

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