albany bulb

san francisco seen from doggie beach

No one cares if this is in chronological order, right? Right. That’s what I thought.

i like to think that my bikes were excited to get to go on an adventure togethera cyclist fleeing from the giant, creepy fly swatter peopleerik, unaware that the giant creepy fly swatter people are trumpeting a signal to dark forcesbeginning of the texture bonanzai don't think the tree was particularly thrilled about thisdark forces calling back to the giant creepy fly swatter peoplehummingbird of deathgreat hound of doomyour usual landfill dragon seen from a safe distancemanicurepebble henge monsterdog printseverything is a canvaslookout tower at the beachone of the few buildings that grow thicker by the yearheiroglyphic investment for the futureit's not often a tag is this clean. or this's really the ukulele that brings it all together

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