“Honeymoon For One” Web Release

Candace Roberts

After a few months of scheming and coding – and then re-scheming and re-coding – we finally released the candaceroberts.com website. Candace is a person who mystifies me with her ability to be talented at pretty much everything she lays her hands on. Collaborating with her to create this site meant collaborating with about 22 other people that she had also drawn into the project. The whole site process was a pleasure to work on, which I attribute either to her creative genius or to her maniacal vision of world domination.
Possibly both.

The product is a fairly simple looking interface with rich graphics (thanks to Raf Landa) and spiced up with a lot of jQuery in the background. Experiments with the framework only deepened my love for WordPress, Thematic, and ridiculous drawings of sheep.

Please take a moment to check out hte site and give Candace’s fabulous, fun and fuzzy music a listen!


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