ernie’s cabinet of oddities

Another bike foray with Ruth that results in the uncovering of a neighborhood gem. We were taking an alternate route home on Chenery and spotted a fortune telling machine attached to a fence. There was no way to pass by without checking it out.

fortune teller greeting visitors at the end of the drivewayErnie's homemade slot machinevarious lawn art bedecked with chickensErnie with chicken


The lawn is chock full of oddities, and maintained by Ernie, also a proud owner of a flock of chickens who wandered the yard. Ernie has lived in his house for over 50 years, and currently pays his bills by crafting homemade slot machines and diorama type objects and selling them in his driveway. So just think about that for a moment – 50 years in that house with this kind of creative streak… What must the inside of that house look like?

okay, now just imagine what it looks like Ernie specialstuffed animal jumble salemore ernie specials


Ruth scored an orchid from Ernie on the way out and we secured it to the back of her bike for what was about to be the most exiting event of that entire orchid’s lifetime.

abe lincoln log. say that again - "abe lincoln log..."abe lincoln log. say that again - "abe lincoln log..."

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