Bike to Work Day

when taking this photo a businessman rushed past looking skywards muttering "god damn crazy city..."My morning commute only goes as far as taking the dogs out for a morning walk, making coffee, and then sitting at a desk that is barely 4 feet away from my bed. Biking to work would frankly be dangerous if I tried it along my current route. Most of my friends are also freelancers and cyclists, and we decided we didn’t want to be left out of Bike To Work Day. We conspired to meet at one of the many support stations early that morning and visit as many stations as we could throughout the city before having to head home (to work).

sculpture by Zhang HuanI wish I’d taken more photos of Jeremy on the Public Bike he was pimping, and a photo of Sally shuttling a giant box attached to her messenger bag. I wish I’d taken photos of Deep and his disco rickshaw and the lady with the fabulous bottle cap earrings. I was just having too much fun feeling like a minnow in a giant streaming school of fish as we pedaled along market which was teeming with bike commuters. We dropped Jeremy off at City Court where he was applying for a market permit, and Sally and I went on to check out the new Buddha sculpture* at City Hall and hear the last of the “yay bikes!” speeches.

* there are a lot of articles about the sculpture “Three Heads Six Arms”, but I found this one most amusing.

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