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I’ve been enjoying a windowsill of herbs the past couple of months, and was dismayed to find them being devoured by aphids. I did what any normal person would do and immediately purchased 2,000 ladybugs.

what 2000 ladybugs look like in a bagwe haz freedom!exploring the gardencontinuing the escape


In a rare moment of good judgment, I released 1,985 of them in the backyard, and shook only the remaining few over my ailing plants.

aphid-eating invasionmuch more fun letting them crawl out on their own than merely dumping themsettled indoors for lunch on a mint leaf


UPDATE: 2 hours after release, I noticed a pair of the ladybugs making sweet, passionate love in the oregano. The head count might be back up to 2,000 ladybugs in a few weeks.

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