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Recent global earthquakes have finally gotten me off my ass and assembling an earthquake kit for my apartment. There are the usual gallons of water, snacks, candles and blankets going in there, but I’ve decided that it’s just as important to also put in several good books, wool socks, hot chocolate, drawing paper and pens. There’s going to be a lot of free time when things go to hell, so we might as well enjoy it.

tracker journal cover with bow drill claspAnother item I’ve thrown in to the earthquake kit is one of the 9 bound journals I created after taking the Tom Brown Jr. Tracking class this past September. My notes evolved into elaborate drawings and layouts over the course of the class week. It was so much fun translating the information flow that it was worth making my drawing hand useless for days afterwards. Rather than let the notes rot into obscurity in my filing cabinets I decided to make a small edition of bound books and share them with other people I thought would be interested in the contents.

open case and the japanese bound coverpage samplepage samplepage sample


I have a few left here, and this one in the photo is now being zipped up in a plastic bag and placed alongside my leatherman and shishkabob skewers inside the giant earthquake rubbermaid container.

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    Hey, I guess that makes us Tracker-buddies, I went along to the Standard in May of this year (here in CA). Wow — your journals are a *lot* more impressive-looking than mine!

    BTW, with your talk of earthquakes and the end-of-days, you might be interested in