heron’s head park

It started pretty simply.
Meet Ruth after work, bike over to the Heron’s Head Park wetlands, look at lovely nature-y things, and go home. The first couple parts went well, and we made a stop at Islais Creek site along the way. It was the “going home” part that fell apart. Our intuition failed us, the bike map lied, attempting a daring leap over a fence ended badly. Then, to top it off, what we thought would be a triumphant pedestrian bridge crossing turned into denial of entry by possibly the only bridge troll I may ever meet in my life. He was very polite about it though, and let us know that he hasn’t let ANYone across that bridge in 5 years, so it’s nothing personal.

tower marking site of islais creek

unexplained but beloved cement torso

entrance to heron's head park on hunter's point

dwayne - enjoying the flora but looking for the fauna

lovely path leading to.... a power station.

wetlands reclaiming they're own, one mudpit at a time.

industry refusing to be nudged out too quickly

ruth and i pondering how fast we would need to pedal in order to launch ourselves successfully into oakland

completely lost on the way home, but finding dozens of guerrilla gardens along the way

we're trapped under an overpass, and that garden seems to be trapped on a traffic island

freed, after shimmying between jail-like bars

pedestrian bridge option denied. the guardian of the bridge turns us away.

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