New site for Foundaround Sound posted

Foundaround Sound - Global MosaicBack in October I had developed and released a Flash based site for my client, Foundaround Sound. We were both pretty happy with the overall look, feel and functionality, and I had already shifted my brain to other projects when I got a phone call.

“It doesn’t work on the iPhone.”

Well, of course not. It’s Flash based.

But I agreed with him that not being able to use it on the iPhone pretty much sucks. The whole idea of the  site is, after all, to sell his music and provide him with income. If someone tries his site once on their iPhone and can’t access it, the moment is lost. They will most likely never try his site again.

So, with his go ahead, I redesigned and coded the entire site to be as web standards compliant as I know how at this stage of the game, and to snazz it up with jQuery instead of Flash. It turned out to be a real brain melter on my part, but a hell of a lot of fun and now both the client and I are even happier than before and excited about the re-release of the site.

Check it out:

End of an era for aponeurotica. At least, the end of a Flash based era. jQuery, rock on.

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