careful what you wish for…

Books & boxes have been preoccupying my mind of late, and I’ve carved some time out to work on patterns and prototypes. I’m realizing one of the things I love about the process is the complete lack of “command+z” option on these little guys. Two hours can be spent measuring, cutting and gluing – and in the end the damn thing won’t close. The handmade box version of “command+z” is to grab another piece of paper and start all over.

I was having some logistical issues as to how I could get the type onto a variety of materials in order to execute a certain book idea I have. Letterpress would be ideal, but on a budget I wondered if I could just get a hold of a set of typewriter arms and work one letter at a time. The past couple of days I had it in the back of my head to look out for a source for typewriter arms. The typewriter gods have smiled upon me, and this morning there was one in its own little 1960’s carry case sitting right in front of my apartment. Way to go, typewriter gods! Could you leave some ribbon ink tomorrow?

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