Just like Warner Bros. said

The dogs are obsessed with gophers. I’ve also become a bit preoccupied by them and amazed that they really, really do tunnel exactly the way Warner Bros. said they do. Phoebe’s digging skills obviously suck, but I give her points for having enough determination to try to eat her way through the gopher hole.

phoebe's gopher hunting method


Today while walking along the field my eyes scanned across the grass just ahead of the dogs to anticipate where they would furiously dig next. I then realized the grass was looking back at me. To be exact, two tiny black eyes wrapped in pudgy brown fur were looking back at me. Before I could even say the word, “gopher” he was gone, and Dexter’s face was plugged into the still-warm tunnel. 10 minutes of furious digging ensued, and a totally filthy, but happy weiner dog was led back home.

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